jeudi 18 juin 2015

GQ Magazine

Leven does a photoshoot last month for GQ Magazine (July issue) for True Detective season 2 premiere with actress Adria Arjona, also in the second season of True Detective. They have done a short interview and photoshoot, plus Leven got a video talking about how secret the season 2 is and her kind of boys. 
Here's the short interview:

"As if you needed another reason to tune in to the super-secret, wildly anticipated, southern California-centered #TrueDetectiveseason2, meet Adria Arjona and Leven Rambin, the show's young women—love interests? Good guys? Bad guys? Who knows?—who are burning to break out.
From left:

. . . There's only one True Detective spoiler you're going to get here: The two women photographed on these pages never appear in a scene together. This photo shoot was in fact the first time Adria Arjona and Leven Rambin met. Despite that, they're in lockstep with their cultish protectiveness over the show and its shadowy processes. Shooting for the second season involved the kind of security measures usually reserved for Special Ops and Beyoncé albums. Actors learned lines through a password-protected app. Pages had to be turned in at the end of each day of shooting. The only trailer for a while contained no spoken dialogue. At the mention of a rumored orgy scene, they sweetly asked, "What orgy scene?" When we asked Arjona if she could share anything about her character besides that she's Taylor Kitsch's girlfriend, she went quiet. "I'm so scared," she said—and seemed legitimately so.
"I always refuse to do everything," she said earlier. "I would tell my agents, 'I won't do this—unless it's True Detective.' 'I won't do that—unless it's True Detective.' When I finally got it, they said, 'Well, you have to do whatever they tell you.' " So, nudity? There's another sorta-spoiler.
Since the first rule of True Detective is don't talk about True Detective, we played Fuck Marry Kill instead. They begged off breaking down the current cast but were willing to go a round with last season's. Rambin: "You know who I'd fuck? Daddario." (Alexandra Daddario played Woody Harrelson's mistress. Also, boobs.) Arjona: "Yesss.Yes, me, too." Marry? Arjona: "I think I'd marry McConaughey." Rambin: "Settle down in Austin. Good life." And kill? Arjona: "Ummm..." Rambin: "The bad guy!" Arjona: "The bad guy. Thank you for saving me. The bad guy." "

Here's the video:

"True Detective Actress on Why Nice (and Funny) Guys Finish First

She wouldn’t tell us the plot of the new "True Detective" season, but she did tell us a few tips on how to pick up a girl. Actress Leven Rambin explains why it pays to be nice and funny"

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