lundi 22 juin 2015

I Yahoo’d Myself with Leven Rambin

"Leven Rambin on True Detective, Working with Jennifer Lawrence & her Levbian Fans. 

Leven Rambin played Glimmer inThe Hunger Games and in the film, her most famous to date, she died a miserable death, stung to death by tracker jackers in the post-apocalyptic entertainment. Her latest role might be even darker, though we can’t know for sure since the actress can’t reveal a thing about the new season of True Detective, which premiered June 21st on HBO. 
Rambin does, however, tell Yahoo Style’s Nick Axelrod what it was like to work with Jennifer Lawrence, and what she learned on her longest job—as step-sisters on All My Children. (Yes she played both sisters, and no they weren’t twins.) Find out what else the 25-year-old has learned over the course of her nearly decade long career."

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