Production just wrapped Wednesday on a movie being shot near West Plains, in the community of Dora. The crew even used a drone during filming.
The movie is called Tatterdemalion. It's billed as a "Southern dramatic thriller."
It took 25 days to shoot the movie, an independent production out of Los Angeles. KSPR spent part of Wednesday afternoon on location talking to the cast about the film. A number of cast members are from the Ozarks.
Toni Chritton-Johnson of West Plains told KSPR more about the title.
"Boy in the woods is the subtitle, but the meaning is sort of a tattered bum. That's where the word comes from. It was written by Tim Macy, who was raised in Mountain View and based on folklore of the Ozarks," Chritton-Johnson said.
Tatterdemalion stars Leven Rambin, who has worked on television shows like CSI Miami and True Detective, and the movie Hunger Games.
"Basically it's the story of my coming home from the army and reconciling with the people from my past. And then I find a boy in the woods, a young kid and struggle with him in a very unique way. I just really felt strongly drawn to the character and this place. I'm from Texas so I was happy to get back to the country," Rambin said.
Tatterdemalion features several non-actors who live in the area of West Plains. Rambin said you never know when someone could be given their "big break."
"And we even found a really elderly woman to participate. She had a distinct look and we asked her to be in it too, just by seeing her. So you never really know," Rambin said.
A group photo was taken at the end the day and the production. They told KSPR it's a bittersweet day.
"It's been awesome to shoot on location, there's so many things that are authentic and beautiful, like where we are now for example. And all the homes we've used, and everyone here has been so kind and let us use their trucks, their cars, their babies, their businesses. So I really thank all the people of Missouri who have been so kind and let us use their stuff in our movie," Rambin said.
"So Hollywood came to West Plains and some of us got lucky enough to be part of it. It's been really amazing, like a dream come true for me," Chritton-Johnson said.
No release date has been set yet for the film, but it will be sometime next year. The film will be shown at festivals, and also be released on Netflix.