mercredi 4 mai 2016

Leven 26th birthday project


So in a few days, it's Leven's 26th birthday!!! And this year I decided to do a Tumblr page, where you can write a message to Leven for her birthday. You can write your message until May 16th midnight!
The link to the page will be send to Leven on her birthday, so she can see all our lovely birthday wishes.

The link to submit your message is here:

1) your message
2) your name and country (the country isn't obligatory)
3) your Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr username
If you don't have any Tumblr or can't write in the link, send me your message on direct message on Twitter and I will put it on the page for you.
I can decide to not post your message if it is too "explicit".
I hope you will be participating!! 

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